Our Philosophy

Power of One

ShopEdge is the leader in providing highly adaptable, industry focused, Enterprise Resource Planning solutions that streamline shop floor manufacturing from raw materials to finished goods.

ShopEdge has one focus, on one industry, and we offer one ERP package to our customers. Our “Power of One” philosophy allows us to focus on a product that offers our customers unmatched functionality, exceptional value and supports their need for consistently superior business performance. The relentless pursuit of this philosophy allows us to exceed expectations and offers our customers a competitive advantage.

Our singular focus has resulted in a very streamlined, relatively short, proven implementation path. Although every company we encounter is unique in some way, our  implementation process is seamless and straightforward. Our account managers have extensive experience working with metal stamping companies, and can offer recommendations and solutions backed by real-life knowledge.


  • test-round04Time is money, and we need a system that will decrease the amount of time taken to complete our typical business procedures.
    Adam TomlanISM
  • test-round04We were looking for a stamping-related software package that would accommodate our work flow and allow us to use Blanket Orders-or normal ordering-as opposed to a work order based system.
    Adam TomlanISM
  • test-round04We were looking for a system that could improve our Production Scheduling. Taking into consideration small quantities, on-time delivery, highly efficient production, and reducing our set-up times
    Adam TomlanISM
  • test-round03We were looking for an ERP system that could keep pace with our company growth.
    Jack DansonNASG Tennessee North, LLC
  • test-round04Tennessee Stampings had zero visibility of WIP components and finished goods; we needed a system that could handle bar coding capabilities from steel-receiving to WIP inventory through to shipping.
    Jack DansonNASG Tennessee North, LLC
  • test-round04We needed the best bang for our buck by reducing carry costs of inventory, creating a competitive advantage through cost effective production, such as reducing the time and improving the speed of change over to accommodate smaller volume.
    Greg WickerNASG Ohio, LLC